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Why Should You Work With Us?

Downtown JacksonvilleWe Are The Best

We believe that we are the best at what we do and why would anyone not want to use our services, read our cases studies, follow our framework for white-hat-seo, and our content distribution software? We’re confident and our team knows how to approach Internet Marketing, SEO, and most importantly how to grow businesses organic growth. Our confidence is by no means arrogance! We simply know what works and what doesn’t.


We Care About People
Fast Marketing Company was created out of pure passion and obsession towards creating a better world for people all over the world. The core of our company is designed to generate profits, however, we put people FIRST! We stand behind our employees to create positive and productive work environments. As a result, we can focus on creating some of the most powerful technology and information systems to help people. Most of all, everyone that works here, LOVES MARKETING and CODE! We come to work everyday seeking ways to make an impact and an difference for people.

Decade Experience In Online Marketing

Another reason to choose as an authority to source for solutions, accurate information, and products to help you reach your marketing goals; our founder has over a decade experience in Online Marketing! We are lead by a innovator and visionary who dedicated his live to creating web software and blue-prints for small businesses to bootstrap their marketing campaigns.


Chad Buie, our founder, has failed and succeeded in many different start-up businesses and information systems. He taught himself everything the hard-earned away and has evolved over the years. He mentions often that he’s a student of online marketing and software development. That attitude paved the way for Fast Marketing Company and the array of different brands, software, and websites we’ve built for the world!

We’re About Delivering Results

SEO Lead Generation We’re The Best

With over ten plus years experience in the web ranking business, our team, has the skill-set and know-how to approach just about any niche and produce leads. Most importantly we take user experience to the next level after the search engine click-through!


Our team specializes in conversion optimization, landing page testing, and re-targeting marketing. Best of all this is the work we do to keep the leads flowing to your business.


By now we hope touring our website has shown that we can multi-face many different solutions to give you the start you need to launch your online marketing! With do-it-yourself-seo, seo lead generation, seo content distribution, and many of our other services, you’re destined to succeed.

Our Websites Produce Results – No Busted Lead Generation

What more could one want? Our lead generation websites enable you to lease a website without having to worry yourself about SEO. Over the last six years, (especially after Goolge Penguin Algorithm), people have been afraid or too worried about whether they should link build or what advice to follow. Let us help you with that. We’ll take care of the SEO and you do what you do best, which is to run your business and service your customers!

To the left are some samples of results we have, ranking climbs, for certain clients. Take this as a preview of what we can do for you. The biggest thing you need to know is that our seo lead generation service is POWERFUL and FAST! We can get you the sales you need to keep the momentum moving forward.

We’re dynamic too! Meaning we have an array of different strategies to boostrap weak communities online. We create a plethora of simple to complex tools to help establish branding and trust in certain niche verticals. Give us a shot, sign up today for a FREE TRAIL!

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