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SEO Lead Generation

Fast Marketing Company, provides a vast array of already built websites in multiple niche markets. We have security niche sites, dental niches, plastic surgery, real estate, hvac, painting, insurance and many other unique niche markets.  As a result, you can tap into traffic to help grown your sales in the early stages of your business development cycle.

Growing a part of your customer bases online is still just as difficult as going offline to do your marketing. The truth is that most businesses fail in the first year, because they just couldn’t or failed to generate sales. We can help you ignite your business and fire-up your sales sign up today!

National Brand Lead Generation

Part of our suite of websites, we have young and up coming brands that we’ve done all the difficult SEO work for you. Often we’ve found entrepreneurs just don’t have the time to wait around for results. However, SEO shouldn’t be the only tactic when you start. We also recommend Facebook Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing; however, these forms of marketing are more complex because they require a well thought-out algorithm, content story board and UX/UI planning. We recommend that you look at a lead generation from SEO traffic as they are very high converting leads and the right leads for growing businesses.


SEO works best when you give it time. The time is a Google thing; meaning it takes time for a domain to prove itself online. We’ve developed websites that have been sitting on the web for years and months. We took the time out of Internet Marketing with our lead generation websites.  Don’t try to do it all on your own; do what you have a comparative advantage in!


For national based brands we recommend the branding strategy at multiple websites and developed an array of unique brands to help extend your reach. Fast Marketing Company, created nice brand(s) and brand sites in many different markets. Part of our Level 3 Lead Generation, is our powerful lead generation. Click the link to learn a little more about how we can help you!

Local Lead Generation

We have local websites for local niche markets too. Many SEOs and other agencies in the last five years are starting to catch-on, and as a result, local marketing is the future for any business. There are literally a vast amount resources to be used and creates a much more achievable marketing strategy.


Trying out our lead generation strategy is a great move in the first 90 days of launching your do-it-yourself-seo, while you plan out your core website for branding purposes and customer facing. Our lead generation websites at the local focuses on raising awareness and are very effective with engaged searchers/customers seeking an immediate solution, services, and or product.


It will take time to build up your local seo; however, if you’re engaged in our  LEVEL 1 DIY SEO program then you’ll be sure to reach good rankings in just under six months. If you need sales, need leads to build your customer base while building your seo campaign, then you’ll want to look into this service! We can ignite your sales FAST!

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