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Why Most People Flame Out On SEO: The Google Dance Case Study

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In the last four months, we took on our first official client. It was time to put together his best work and build case studies to prove or at least illustrate the behaviors that you’ll experience when start to develop organic search rank in the web. The biggest thing that has showed up in doing Internet Marketing projects is the time it takes to rank and worst of all to be sure that what you see in Google’s organic index is the real rank!?!


It’s Not a Dance Really, More Like a Tango, Well Not Really


google-danceYes this is single-handily the most frustrating thing that Chad, our lead SEO Engineer, has experienced time and time again. In fact, while working in an in house seo role for a niche businesses like Energy Armor, the whiplashing he took from owners whom put all of maybe a few months into organic marketing, but never had the time really to grow it, was brutal! This is what most people flame out on and really develop a bad attitude, become bitter to, quit, and bad mouth seo to prevent other people from experiencing Internet Marketing. Here’s the truth folks, they never gave it any time. One thing you’ll find in life is just how much people love to put themselves in unreasonable positions; especially, against an onslaught like limited time and getting totally jaded, angry, filled with hate, all because they did not give their website(s) digital marketing enough time.



Fast Marketing Company Understands, But Google Dominates, So Rules are Rules


But, trust us we get it; everyone has a different view, goal, and or opinion on why our argument about giving your website, content, and trustworthiness more time (at this point evidence) doesn’t matter towards their business objectives and other excuses from not wanting to abide by real rules!? Really??!! It’s clear that today’s Google has so much power; so why is time argument so hard to digest for business owners? Just take a look at the evolution of the cellphone! Through computerized cellphones your within reach of a digital advertising platform.


Those Small Businesses That Wont Accept Being Wrong or Patient


It’s hard to accept being wrong, but where do you draw the line with people whom say, “We never really wanted SEO or to do digital marketing!”.  Well most of those people whom started these so called startups and business never had the right growth pattern and are now out-of-business. Eventually we might actually see more proof on why Internet Marketing is non-negotiable and the elements that live in that relm. So essentially, we’re here to tell you there’s some things that you have to accept and you can’t run an hide from it.


Most SEO Companies, Agencies, and Boutiques


The thing is how many SEOs, SEO Agencies, SEO Boutiques have actual data/portfolios to back-up their claims; or show their experience? This is a Global problem, not just in the U.S.A.! The truth is there are those SEO Companies and SEO Consultants that probably just keep their work a secret! So they know what you don’t and just keep it to themselves. So if you’re still thinking to debunk The Google Dance and not abide by Internet Rules of Nature don’t; because we have data to back up these claims.


Hard To Find Evidence On The Web, Lack There Of Here’s Why


However you try and search the web, you won’t find any solid/complete case studies or actual proof to back-up lack of transparency from Google! Most likely you’ve probably just read a blog, a thread, or some post that talked about this force of Google, but did not really give meaning in what to do or how to build moving forward. That’s because for some reason, people like to pile on-top-each-other; some sort human nature.


MOZ Has a Few Good People That Built a Case Study


To be more exact we’re talking about being politically correct, selfish branding, and no real material. However, there are a few examples overtime that you can find with SEO MOZ or known MOZ ; however I did at one point in time use a topic tread from SEO MOZ about the Post-Penguin Anchor Text Case Study! So you can find some information, but it’s still rare you’ll find a live project or someone whom put their own money up to prove points made on SEO really. So without further……………….let’s get into it:


Finally The Proof: The Google Dance, Tango It’s Real

So the series of photos below will illustrate a live client of ours that we have built just a down and dirty, white-hat-seo, conversational content, raising awareness website. The main point we want to get across or illustrate is that your rank will take time. Yes! There are things you can do to speed it up, but it comes with so much risk, controversy and did we mention the word RISK? The main rule that most people don’t want to play with is TIME! No one has time to do anything! However, we hope that this small example can prove this point and help direct you to more research, content development, content distribution and alter your business objectives to match what really matters; MARKETING, REACH!


Figure 1.0  First Shot Google Page 3 December 2015  “Back Taxes West Palm Beach FL” (Click The Pic For a Full View)


the-google-danceOkay, so the site in focus is J.DavidTaxRelief.Com, the keyword group we worked on was “back taxes” and a particular location in west palm beach. Now we’re not going to give away the details of what we did, but there’s no real secrets with our readers whom are savvy SEOs. Your tools will tell all, will tell you that we DID NOTHING! We’ll save that topic for a future blog post, “We Did Nothing and We Rank!”.


So the website been on the web for about two months and we aggressively started writing unique content within the domain. We’re talking about at least 80 pages or more. However, upon initial indexing particular pages of content, you’ll notice that image shows the site sitting on page three and in the middle.


A few things can be said about this (if your an account manager, probably an ear full), the seo did not work, this is never going to be number one or on page one, and a lot more negative things and you’d be right. Particularly if you’re new to the battlefield! What you don’t know is that Google sand-boxes everything. Meaning your guilty until proven innocent. That’s a fact and most people think their site won’t be labeled. This is very typical behavior for Google and deceptive.
What Google is looking to do is to try and trap you! That’s right, they do this to see if you’ll start spamming, link spamming and that’s is the unspoken reality; the non-political correct explanation. However, how can you explain the site sitting so far back. Okay so there are other arguments right? Not enough back-links, on page seo, keywords on the page, domain authority……. and you’d be right those things do matter; but they are not instant. In this case study, we used small amount of back-links;  just simple promotion really. But the site after even some 45 days did not move. Proceed to the next screen shot!


Figure 2.0  Second Shot Google Page Two January 2016  “Back Taxes West Palm Beach FL” (Click The Pic For a Full View)


back-taxes-west-palm-beach-google-page-two-jan-2016Okay, so now you’ll see that the site moved after about 30 days to page two of Google’s index. The biggest concern here is “which index”? That’s the biggest argument and also unknown to web-marketers, companies, corporations, and organizations alike. It’s in our evidence that there’s a 30 to 60 day sand-boxing-period on any content and or back-link associated to your website. There’s nothing you can do about it either! You have to sit tight!


Back To Pitfalls, Here’s Where the Flaws Exist With SEOs, Sales People, and Expectations


You might think that now that we’ve given you this bit of information (especially noobs), is going to solve your problems, but it depends on a few things. One, if you’re in sales, did you over promise on lead or traffic numbers? Two, did you tell the customer to expect the full 90+ wait because of the sand-boxing. If not you’re going to be stressed with them calling you because of the poor performance or visibly upset account managers. Third, you did not execute on your overall content mission and not just one page.


Like we said above, you’ll still need to deliver some domain authority and standard online promotions to see the full affect of a page one or number ranking. In that light, we’re still leaning more towards a 100 page plus website with good seo architecture and ZERO SPAM on your link and promotions online.  Even still………we w’ere puzzled and we were lucky enough to have a good market in which we produced conversions in other keyword sets and maps to keep this client moving forward. So this is a proto-typical case study that we evaluate the Google Dance period or Google Sand Boxing.


Figure 2.0  Second Shot Google Page One April 2016  “Back Taxes West Palm Beach FL” (Click The Pic For a Full View)


So months have gone by since Dec 2015, in fact almost 4 months (April 13, 2016) have gone by. We don’t have time to manually check some 1000s of keywords for performance, however, it took about 65 days for this result to happen. There’s a philosophy we have when it comes to Internet Marketing, “Build It, Link It, Forget It”.


We Understand That Waiting and Patience Is a Hard Concept, But It’s Vital For SEO


This is a tough concept for most new-to-the-Internet folks. There’s such a high rate of failure, but thats’ due to people quiting because of false expectations, frustration, mislead sales inits, and other chaotic behavior stemming from trying to simple expand one’s business.


Leaving It Alone, Pass The Google Sandbox


From this philosophy, you have to get to a point where you just leave your website alone. But getting to that point takes some serious effort. You’ll need to get past your keyword analysis, selection, content production, and then indexing, but after doing that you’ll just have to put in place your tracking and move on to the next site or keyword or content piece. It was to our surprise that though a conversion we were able to determine that it was possible for a young site (less than six months old) to pull rank. But an interesting thing will happen from many of the case studies and projects that Fast Marketing Company have worked on. After leaving a site be and focusing on raising awareness through social media, continued press release, and business development; the sites we optimize soar!


Finding The Gems of The Internet Through Organic Graphic


By leaving the site alone, magic, the glue, the good stuff of the Internet fades into view. This is what people want from the Internet from day one and we’re working hard to give that to people. What normally happens with our style or method to building a website out of the depths of oblivion, we see that multiple pages are indexed, the sites grow to the very top of Google’s index.


What To Expect From Fast Marketing Company, Future Case Studies


You can see other seo case studies like this within our site. We’re currently working hard to organize good screen shots, stats, and content to help bring confidence to WHITE HAT SEO and  Natural Content Development. Our mission is to simply get people to understand more the economics behind why to do things and the data to reflect the truth about online marketing and it’s rules. If you found this small case study to intrigue you into asking questions, comment below, ask questions, be hateful, or just chat with us to the left.

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