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Content Distribution is our highest level, highest converting, and highest rated product in our arsenal of seo services. We invented an information system that enables marketing companies (small, medium, and large), do-it-yourself marketers, and boutique marketing firms the ability to fulfill their much needed distribution strategy.


Our content distribution platform and editorial calendar is one of kind, in that we built the landscape in may cities all over the world. Fast Marketing Company, learned over 12 years or Internet Marketing campaigns, that the one area of concern is the lack of quality information websites and community. This really hurts websites ability to abide by Google’s Web Spam Policy; as a result spam tactics and spam footprints arise from random, panic, and unplanned marketing.


Fast Marketing Company, want to counter-act this viscous cycle of link spam, by building field-of-dreams. Our founder, Chad Buie, was inspired many years ago by the same concept of, “If you build, they will come!”. There’s a lot of work behind such a phrase, however, we’ve taken innovation to content distribution to the next level. This is where our passion for producing quality information and dynamic websites helps not only you get the right marketing plan, but for users waiting to consume the data and information systems we build. Below you can see some of the tools we’ve developed and available to our Level 4 Content Distribution Members.


FastJax Content Distribution System

FastJax is our most dynamic system that we have to help people, seos, marketers, and marketing firms all of the world a place to submit content. This website is growing and we are looking to turn up the HEAT on the marketing and awareness campaign Summer 2015. This website demonstrates one of many information systems we have created where you can post to many of our local niche websites.


As mentioned above, content marketing and content distribution, are very tough processes for marketers and marketing firms to fulfill. Due to the high volume of link spam, panic marketing, and get rich quick schemes online, websites can be punished when Google pushes out new algorithms. However, we are working and learning how to build a better landscape for our customers and marketers all over the globe!


This service and software is available as pay-as-you go service on the native website. However, our Level 4 Members are able to use this service at an unlimited pace, 24/7, 365! Click the link below to explore the website and if you are interested in our content distribution solution, click the link above.

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