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If you’ve landed here, then you’re looking for the best choice in implementing search engine optimization. We understand what your going through too! Starting a business, blog, and or website is frustrating enough if you don’t have the skill; however, marketing is even harder. Our owner, Chad Buie, directs our SEO and since 2004 watched SEO industry evolve. From starting his first business, second business, third business, working in-house, working in an agency, and working in a boutique one thing remained consistent; DIY is the best choice! On this page we’ll cover the advantages of DIY SEO and disadvantages of DIY SEO.


Just like anything in life, you get out what you put in and there are pros and cons to everything. Getting a model is what you need so you know how to build and what to look out for. Fast Marketing Company, has put together a solid SEO Framework, that guides you day one and keeps you on track. You’ll want to take a look at our diy seo membership. It’s guaranteed to make sure you increase your brand, organic traffic, ranking terms and eventually sales.


First Look At DIY SEO

Doing search engine optimization yourself will require that you perform many tasks such as keyword research, content mapping, content development, content marketing, on page seo, and many other types of work. As you can see, this is a mountain of work and we are here to help you organization the work, illustrate how to perform the work, and how to convert your traffic. Doing anything yourself takes time, effort, and luck.


Advantages of DIY SEO

One of the main advantages of doing seo for yourself is the low hard cost of marketing. This will help you greatly in your seo road map, which serves as a financial routing tracker for an array of activities, software, paid marketing, and expansion!


A second great advantage of doing your own seo is that you’ll know where you stand with your work too. Often working with SEO companies it’s hard to get the real transparency on working being done. This is often due to the fact that, investing or spending $300.00 to $1500.00 in SEO (on people mostly) is just not enough to win it all, brand your business, attract customers, and long term customers. Why? Well we can tell you it will take a large human resources to make the impact that will attract the right traffic and the right customers for your business.


SEO is much more than what is was back in the earlier origins of link buying (still occurs to this day), poor user experience, and when ppc was the only solid way to gain customers fast. However, SEO today is a heck of a lot easier, because of the large amount of resources, the rise of Web 2.0 (social media), and soon content distribution landscapes. In the DIY world you’ll invest more soft cost than you’ll invest hard cost.


This is where you can truly appreciate do-it-yourself-seo. The soft cost and hard work impacts show overtime. You’ll wonder why you did’nt find the human resources in the beginning to go hard for content development, brand expansion, and persona mapping. We have campaigns and case studies that proves this concept. In fact, in many studies we were surprised in how the organic growth developed and the many unexpected search queries that led to our different niche websites.


Disadvantages of DIY SEO

The only real disadvantage to doing your own seo is that YOU have to do al ll the work. You are responsible when something does not go right. Trust us their’s a lot of planning involved to manage your content, content development, and the content marketing.


In fact, the content marketing is so intense, that you’ll need to hire someone full-time or contract out the work to an agency to help with reaching out to fellow webmasters, editors, and or targeted individuals to start building relationships to post content on to their website.


The real problem with doing all the search engine optimization on your own is that it’s hard to make a fast impact on any one task you complete. As a result, you can get a bit lost. You can also demoralize yourself

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