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Should I Just Go All Out Mobile Now That Half All Searches Are Mobile?

Ok, so this is the second article we’ve found where Google has reported that most of the searches there seeing are mobile. Just a few weeks ago we wrote an article about Google reporting half of all the search volume they see are now Apple Mobile searches. That article is exciting news for sure. But how exciting is that information really? How much of it is applicable for certain target or niche businesses? Can you expect all mobile searches to covert to leads for your business? The answer to the question is not simple, it’s sorta of complex.



However, what they don’t tell or disclose to is what the keyword terms are being searched on mobile. That’s right! Google in 2013 Summer, took away to ability to even see search volumes. SEOs once could preview traffic and mine the long-tail-keyword to place bets on what phrases they should target as a part of their content marketing and onsite content development.


Google did this, because people were more focused on the search volume traffic to place bets on where to place landing pages. Essentially people stopped thinking for user experience when building website and their content.


As a result, your Google Analytic Dashboard, will report your number one keyword to your traffic as “not reported”. Meaning they still won’t aggregately tell you where your traffic derives from. So how is reporting half of all searches are mobile searches on Google good news for you? There are ways to get exact data, but you’ll have to learn how to setup Goal Tracking, behavior tracking events (conditions you setup) to see what type of keywords come into the site.


So should you trust this data to make a move in your operation or budget to optimize for mobile? Yes/No! Yes, in that it’s too easy now to have a mobile site. There’s Bootstrap light our and media query calculators to help you set break points to make your site load for mobile. No, in that not all “niche” traffic is mobile. But what you should do to reach the mobile is the type of long tail keywords you build on your phrases.



Mobile searches however are still going to consist mostly on sub culture, celeb, music, pictures, and adult. However, you can expect long-tail-keywords phrases at the local level! If build more unique content and target 1000s of geo phrases with your keyword seed, then you’ve found real MAGIC!


This news should be exciting, however, for most people (still lost in SEO/Online Marketing) will get hung up on the article headline will move too much in the WRONG direction. Have a mobile site, pay for it at all cost, however, you’ll still need MASSIVE amounts of inner content and good navigation to eventually see the ROI with SEO. After all that is what people are looking for.


Invest into the content! Whether done by yourself (the best way) or to pay a copywriter to produce it. Nevertheless you’ll never find-out what those searches are without the content. Google will never tell you what your site closely matched up to in keywords. When you do get the content and look back on your data in Google Webmaster Tools you’ll find (we’ve found), that less than 30% of our traffic were mobile.

If you were using social media as your referral traffic, (Groupon, Facebook, Meetup, Thumbtack)then yes, you’ll see 75% of your traffic will be mobile. If that’s a part of your paid marketing strategy, then you better make sure your website is tip top for an array of media queries and be ready to deliver a simple site


Let’s face it how many niche businesses are really friendly for social media? Other than it being the voice in the community, people will still use Google as a local measure to find a resource. Those searches are about 75% desktop and 25% mobile. The numbers might skew about 5 to to percent and that will be based on shopping trends/seasons. Again, unless you have your claws into referral websites to pull traffic to your brand/site, web based searches (where research is done) are you can expect converting traffic to stem from in very niche related services and products!

Jacksonville SEO Content Listing Board System Upon Us

Jacksonville is going to get a major information system, designed to help webmasters launch their content marketing locally. Fast Marketing Company, built FastJax.Com to extend the seo landscape in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s a powerful content listing board, where webmasters can target their content for future readers and as a white hat seo task. We want to be the authority on fast promotions for seos, small business owners, and or diy home based startup entrepreneurs. The goal is simple, we want people to have the agility and conduit to reach their target audience.


Jacksonville Content Listing For SEO




Why Would Jacksonville Florida Need Content Listing Site?

Everyone has heard of Craigslist and at some point has used website, FastJax.Com is content board built exclusively for search engine optimization. What we’ve found and been trying to do for many years is create better products for webmasters to really influence search engines to help rank them better.


Barriers To Entry: Time

Any seasoned seo will tell you that it’s a struggle to find relative places to drop their articles, promotions, listings, or whatever content they want to promote. Most importantly, there’s no traffic to route! Not only are most of the places you have to (sorta forced) post content haven no engagement factor, there’s a time factor to when they can make the impact for your seo. Google is not waiting for your one piece of content and working to make sure it’s indexed properly on the right keywords. This type of white-hat-seo takes TIME. By no means is this good for small business owners, start-up businesses, and webmasters.


This Is Not A Spam Site Either

Some people with opinons out there will see this as spam site with intent to manipulate search engines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Spam sites will have no relevant content, strange pictures, domain names, and again post with content that is so random that you know it exist for link building only.


Giving A Better Standard

We’re changing this time standard for businesses, websites, and organization from all backgrounds and we plan on offering more! We not only build information systems similar to FastJax, but they are all SEO friendly. Here’s some of the thing you can expect from the content listing board:


  Ability To Tag Multiple Keyword Driven Categories


  Full SEO Tags To Maxmize SEO Benefit


  Ability To Link To Your Home Page and Inner Pages


  Reach Users Searching For Promotions


  Generate Leads From Users and Search Engines



Every Niche Will Be Able to Post Content With Jacksonville Greater Area

The goal here is to give all niches the ability to post. We also intend to extend to Hillard, Ocalla, Callahan, Middleburg, Daytona, Fernadina, and St. Augustine areas. As seen above, you’ll be able to find the keyword driven categories that matches your content relevancy. As a result, you’ll find the appropriate engagement from users and search engine ranking because of it.


This coming June, we’ll have FastJax Beta out and ready for posting and testing mostly. We have a lot of things that need to be tested. One of the first things we’ll test for is the valadation on content, links,  malicious users, and many other things. But most importantly, we want to test how search engines index the site. This is a huge part, because we are creating the size needed to make an impact on all our keyword phrases. This will be a FREE way for websites to get that reach they need and have content indexed higher and faster than it would take normally while building their own seo.


Fast Marketing Company, is always looking to build tools and methods to help speed up the marketing process. The name FAST is not just a marketing gimmic; it’s really themed after a mission to create faster ways for people to combat the problems most businesses experience. No matter how new or old your business is, you need marketing; you need agility! FastJax.Com gives you that! Look for more updates and our press releases coming to the local news channels July 2015.

Hard Work & Innovation Nothing Without Marketing

We embrace hard-work, however, innovation is key. In an ever changing industry, fueled by massive and modern communication, there’s always a threat to being the best. We like that the value we have as company is measured in actual assets, sacrifice, starting out in left field; doing something different. Our founder and key members have been in the Internet Market for over 18 years. We’ve seen the early days of the World Wide Web and we know there’s nothing new under the sun. But in that time, we are simple astonished at the lack of powerful platforms to enable people to make profound changes in their lives. We can certainly say the Internet has changed lives dramatically in the availability of information and how people can learn. However, information is not enough!


Marketing Means Connections – We Want That For Start Ups


It’s easy to see how anyone whom has met someone, heard someone, watched someone talk about marketing, most have not had pretty things to say. A smart person knows to take nothing literally when people complain about failure. Why? Well you can’t trust their hypothesis, the nature of their work, the core of their work, the organization of work, the benchmarking of their work, and the effort in their work. Something can fail for many reasons. However, what most people really need is to know why something did not work. How many businesses or organizations give you that leverage? Being wrong is bad with politics and or the people vested into you. Being wrong is because there’s a hidden agenda and there’s no room for mistake.


Marketing is where most people make that mistake. A wise and successful business-man, Henry Ford said, “The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops a clock to save time”. Powerful in meaning, but most people have either never heard this or they are oblivious to it. We’ve seen people cop-out on marketing and marketing creativity to reach their customer’s and they sadly are not in business. There are stubborn people too! Those who think they know it all and they end up running into the ground as well, often companies miss-managed anyway. Marketing is about making connections; identifying with your potential audience. You need to go hard and  know not every initiative will workout like you planned but those failures are learning opportunities.


Were Here To Help Make Those Connections


Our business is but a small part of most marketing budgets and we want to keep it that way. However, small is big in numbers not effort. We are here to help you ignite your business, ignite your sales, and get your company off the ground. By investing a lot of money into marketing, your own your way to building an empire. Never think that you can’t spend enough money there; but spend it wisely. We speak against spending hard-cost on seo. Why? Well seo needs to be done slowly and on a soft-cost; the you effort. We’ve taken a lot of that hard-cost for you and let you lean on our soft-cost too. The result will be the customer’s you’ve build and made that connection with.

Building An Audience Past Google

If you really want to be your own boss, have your own business, and or grow your business harder, you’ll have to give up on Google being more than 50% or 80% of your success. You can appreciate a statement like this if you’ve been around trying to rank your site or expand your traffic. You’ve trusted advice from experts, industry websites, blogs, and etc, but never see the return to keep you motivated to create more content! We recommend that you go after your audience to where they like to hangout.


Go Where Your Audience Hangs Out and Invest Money There


Google has tried several times to innovate ideas that were so off-base for what made Google, well Google! The  Google glasses, Google Insights, Google Chrome, are all examples of the company trying to get away from the nature of algorithms. They are giving up in our opinion. The actions over the last 10 years or so proves it. So we are urging you to start creating consumer persons. This conversation you’ll have (interview really) will help you define your customer, give you the information about what motivates them and start producing content from it.


What To Do, How To Build Your Audience



Picture by SEO MOZ


This picture above illustrates how to go about finding or building loyalty. The image really speaks volumes about the amount of planning you’ll need to do in order for the Net to be a viable marketing strategy. Click the link above to get the entire video and transcript of SEO Moz’s, Whiteboard Friday!

HP Reveals New 3D Printer Turn Dreams Into Reality

HP is releasing a new 3D printer featuring multi-jet fusion technology. This technology is powerful in it’s ability to reduce the time it takes to produce parts. The HP 3D printing machine is packed with major improvements to change the 3D printing industry. Fast Marketing Company is behind 3D printing because of the ingenuity that will result from improving the technology.



They invested time with their research and developed and produced something that will enable small-startups to turn their ideas into reality. We’re excited just in the applications that can be produced. Which means we can help more people with their online marketing.


How Does 3D Printing Relate To Internet Marketing?

There’s one obvious and big reason; material! That’s right! Many online websites, small businesses, aren’t unique enough sometimes to gain the right appeal to create a following. People need to be motivated, entertained; inspired. Everyone has seen the rise of infographic link building to make an impact in response in the social media world. In fact, I don’t know one SEO or marketing firm using it as a tatic to spam or in attempt to engage people with certain marketing initiatives. Nevertheless, with a machine this powerful you can create; art! This will lead to better content production, better graphics for a Press Release or share with the Internet. Visions, creations they lead to great marketing!


When To Expect HP 3D Printing?

HP said it will be launched in 2016. At this point they will spending the rest of 2015, marketing, promoting, demonstrating and going to trade-shows to offer customers a demo. Fast Marketing Company has a few sub companies and brands were always working with. We’ll be investing time and money into purchasing many 3D printers to create standalone computers to help with certain marketing campaigns. Yes! We are writing software for marketing campaigns that can be ran 24/7 to help with future content distro. We’ll continue to bring more updates on HP and other manufactures as this movement takes off!