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Jacksonville SEO Content Listing Board System Upon Us

Jacksonville is going to get a major information system, designed to help webmasters launch their content marketing locally. Fast Marketing Company, built FastJax.Com to extend the seo landscape in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s a powerful content listing board, where webmasters can target their content for future readers and as a white hat seo task. We want to be the authority on fast promotions for seos, small business owners, and or diy home based startup entrepreneurs. The goal is simple, we want people to have the agility and conduit to reach their target audience.


Jacksonville Content Listing For SEO




Why Would Jacksonville Florida Need Content Listing Site?

Everyone has heard of Craigslist and at some point has used website, FastJax.Com is content board built exclusively for search engine optimization. What we’ve found and been trying to do for many years is create better products for webmasters to really influence search engines to help rank them better.


Barriers To Entry: Time

Any seasoned seo will tell you that it’s a struggle to find relative places to drop their articles, promotions, listings, or whatever content they want to promote. Most importantly, there’s no traffic to route! Not only are most of the places you have to (sorta forced) post content haven no engagement factor, there’s a time factor to when they can make the impact for your seo. Google is not waiting for your one piece of content and working to make sure it’s indexed properly on the right keywords. This type of white-hat-seo takes TIME. By no means is this good for small business owners, start-up businesses, and webmasters.


This Is Not A Spam Site Either

Some people with opinons out there will see this as spam site with intent to manipulate search engines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Spam sites will have no relevant content, strange pictures, domain names, and again post with content that is so random that you know it exist for link building only.


Giving A Better Standard

We’re changing this time standard for businesses, websites, and organization from all backgrounds and we plan on offering more! We not only build information systems similar to FastJax, but they are all SEO friendly. Here’s some of the thing you can expect from the content listing board:


  Ability To Tag Multiple Keyword Driven Categories


  Full SEO Tags To Maxmize SEO Benefit


  Ability To Link To Your Home Page and Inner Pages


  Reach Users Searching For Promotions


  Generate Leads From Users and Search Engines



Every Niche Will Be Able to Post Content With Jacksonville Greater Area

The goal here is to give all niches the ability to post. We also intend to extend to Hillard, Ocalla, Callahan, Middleburg, Daytona, Fernadina, and St. Augustine areas. As seen above, you’ll be able to find the keyword driven categories that matches your content relevancy. As a result, you’ll find the appropriate engagement from users and search engine ranking because of it.


This coming June, we’ll have FastJax Beta out and ready for posting and testing mostly. We have a lot of things that need to be tested. One of the first things we’ll test for is the valadation on content, links,  malicious users, and many other things. But most importantly, we want to test how search engines index the site. This is a huge part, because we are creating the size needed to make an impact on all our keyword phrases. This will be a FREE way for websites to get that reach they need and have content indexed higher and faster than it would take normally while building their own seo.


Fast Marketing Company, is always looking to build tools and methods to help speed up the marketing process. The name FAST is not just a marketing gimmic; it’s really themed after a mission to create faster ways for people to combat the problems most businesses experience. No matter how new or old your business is, you need marketing; you need agility! FastJax.Com gives you that! Look for more updates and our press releases coming to the local news channels July 2015.

Moved Your Brick and Mortar Store? How It Can Affect Local SEO

If you’ve recently moved your business to a new location, don’t forget about your website online. In the last three years Google, Bing, and Yahoo are starting to appreciate LOCAL information websites that list your business. Whether you’ve engaged local seo or not, you probably have set up a YELP page, Google Plus page, Angie’s List profile, Dex Knows and many other listing websites need to be updated.




How To Handle Your Local Listing SEO When You Move

The biggest thing is that you need a human resource behind updating all your listings. Why do we suggest a human resource instead of a bulk update? Well you want to avoid setting a spam footprint. Basically in white hate seo, you want to avoid quick or sudden movements that revolve around anything offsite for your website. This sudden spikes in links or offsite material will send the wrong signal to Google and likely set you up for an algorithm hit.





You can use SEO MOZ local service to see how you currently look in a quality score. As the image shows below, that local mechanical contractor, W.W. Gay, has a 73% score, which is decent considering the nature of their business. Here W.W. Gay has multiple service locations that target different things. Meaning some location might focus on a certain type of service work. However, if they were to move or open up a new office, they can use this tool to update the most important listings.


Why SEO MOZ LOCAL? White Listed Server Updates Produce Quick Turn Around


It’s not surprise here that SEO MOZ is a trusted partner with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In fact, they have white-listed-servers where the update information that Google will crawler. In this article we’re discussing local listing information. Google will look at this information first! Moving is an area that qualifies for this type of local seo strategy.  MOZ local ensures you have the major profiles that affects your local seo is updates first. These are the sites you want to make sure you update:


  • Google Plus (of course)
  • Foursquare (if you don’t have one get one)
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (kidding right, update this!!)
  • Super Pages
  • Yellow Pages
  • City Search
  • Yahoo
  • HotFrog

Consistency Is The Key To Improved Local SEO Jacksonville

Updating all these will most likely help you retain your consistency score or increase it. What you really want is to increase it but in this problem, moving your business, we want to keep the consistency. SEO MOZ for about, $89.00, will help you get the information for these profiles updated. Believe it or not these local listings are treated as a form of link building. Which is still very relevant in the Search Engine World. So there you have it, if you moved or moving and you are concerned about how this will affect your seo, you now have the information you need to protect your investment!