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First Look Into Our White Hat SEO Lead Generation

Explore what we have in store this coming Spring and Summer 2015. Fast Marketing Company looking to expand to some 300 niche websites to have ready for basic lead generation. Our sites will have strong call-to-action, great pain-point content. We’ll be looking to fill in pro-bono clients for field testing. Read more about how you can get in the test.


Fast Marketing Company Launching 300 Jax Focused Lead Sites

Fast Marketing Company has taken great leaps this spring and soon to come (2015) summer to launch over 300 new niche websites in that Jacksonville Florida greater area. We’re looking to write a lot of content, create market case studies, advanced reporting to add to the products we sell in our private shopping market. Everything we do to the site are white hat seo driven and have no blow back from Google Algorithms.

You’ll find that in your Internet Marketing career and investment experience that these algorithm will drop your website(s) and hurt your inbound marketing. For many small businesses this is simple not an option. However, you’ll find people, organizations, online marketing companies, and seos still pushing methods that go against many of Google’s Policies. Fast Marketing Company has a factory of writers with expertise in their life experiences and deliver high quality content that helps users and converts well. So how do we do it? How does our white hat seo lead generation work and how can it help you grow your business?


Benefits of White Hat SEO Lead Generation

One of the main benefits of white-hate-seo is the long-tail-keywords that follow. Actually many of the sales from e-commerce websites and service based businesses stem from the long-tail-keywords. The long-tail are phrases that users search looking for depth into a topic, trouble, or problem they have. These searches often can convert into sales if you deliver the right landing page, customer value proposition, and content message. The more organized content, the better the trust from the user.


Fast Marketing Company focuses hard on the user and we build sites that are simple and sound. The landing pages developed funnel into more organized content and call-to-actions in the form of email capture, click-to-call, appointment creation, and in some cases checkout(s). We encourage all that read our content, that you’ll need a lead generation solution early in your business growth to get the momentum going and your confidence up.


Small Business Owners, Webmasters, Bloggers, Startups, If You’ve Been Searching For A Solution To Ignite Your Sales, Call Fast Marketing Company For A FREE CONSULT At 1-888-353-5556 Today!