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Google Penguin Algorithm March 2016

It’s that time again; the Google Penguins are out to shoot down sites that built links too quickly. In the past year, Fast Marketing Company, has taken on two clients and in that time we’ve done our cases studies and market research. Still there are websites that build back-links to their websites that make ZERO sense. By that we’re talking about content relevancy and nature of the relationship, this is what Google Penguin is out to measure. You can tell by looking at a website if they’ve probably paid a company overseas to go build links or got carried away themselves and built too many.


There are Several Degrees of Link Spam, Yes Sir


There are several different degrees of building unnatural links too. Believe it or not, even if you don’t build like a crazy amount of back-links rather quickly still won’t save you from Google Penguin damping your efforts. Oh yes!! We have built case studies here at Fast Marketing Company, that will provide in the future (some new section to our site, probably a paid part too) to illustrate these different levels of link spam. However, these type of websites build links unnaturally are destined to fail in a few dimensions:


First Dimension: New Website(s) marching through Google’s organic index with quality content, nice design, but links that look like they were built overseas. We have many potential clients that come to us for help and after an audit we can spot this very easily. We get it; you want FAST results! But this is the most common problem and often leads to disaster for your domain and brand name. It can take up to a year or two to fully recover after being labeled or sand-boxed by Google Penguin Algorithm. Again this is very hard to prove, but we’ve got data that shows such a trend and it took us four years to figure this.


Second Dimension: A new site and even an older site that just built to many of the same links or links that are too far away from a trusted source of content! This is the most dangerous dimension, because although you got FAST results, they will kill you. This dimension is dangerous because you get such a great return, probably an immediate return. Your business will grown, your start leaning on that income source (depending on the size of the organization or small business) and then you’re revenue will fall. Not only does this affect the bottom line to your business it will affect many other areas, even a possible shut-down until you can start new or try and recover. As mentioned above, recovery could take up to 1 or 2 years.


Wait, What About Disavow?


Some folks will argue, “Well, we can simply just do a Link Disavow and we’ll be back”. It’s in our experience that yes this can happen, but the domain is still dampened by Google. Most likely the site has been flagged and no one knows really when (largely because no one sticks around long enough to see what happens) the flag is lifted.


Even then Disavow is really designed to help sites that are attacked with harmful back-links that hurt the domain. In having harmful links, you’ll be surprised how random it is, so most the time you won’t get hit with the Google Penguin from it. That’s funny right??! Yeah it is because even that is more natural and random than having the same person or people within your organization built the same type of links, same data structure on the links, and most likely the same anchor text in the links built.




C’mon Let’s Look at a Case Study: Observing From a Recent Client


Let’s take a look at a case study, Below is a screenshot from a competitor I researched (stumbled upon really). We recently started working with an attorney and we spot checked around on many different firms, sole practice attorneys, and then sites in the middle. However, the website in this study is in the famous and very competitive market of tax law!


Website In Examination: TaxAttorney.Com


In this graph above (courtesy of SEM RUSH), you can see the beginnings and the crash. Did we say, Google will eventually nail you? Just look at that growth. You can see how the site grew in the beginning (very typical growth curve), and then towards the end of 2012, this site took off! It’s so impressive to such a growth right?


Your Site Just Hit The Wall, Little “The Wire” Humor


Sure in the beginning you could start with some simple link building packages with overseas seo contractors, but eventually you’ll build to many of them. In the front road, yes you’ll rank and rank high. But overtime Google will figure out that the links to your site don’t make sense with Second Dimension I mentioned above and will land your site in hot water. Let’s look at a few of these links:


Back Link Examination, Simple Excel Report Break Down

Okay above, from right to left, here at the pending elements to observe:


 First Column: Domain Authority


 Second Column: Linking Website


 Third Column: Title Tag


 Fourth Column: Tax Attorney Page


 Fifth Column: Anchor Text


So What Was The Diagnosis? Why Did TaxAttorney.Com Do Wrong?


Everything might seem okay to an untrained eye, however, the first column shows the links from http://www.backroads.ie and http://www.aqard.com are showing a Domain Authority of 40, which is very high Domain Authority. However, when you look at each website, there’s no correlation or reason for these two sites to link to each other. In the first screen-shot you can see the Bell Curve and the drop off point is the links Google determined were spam and dropped this website out of many indexes from their organic search. This is almost hard to overcome, however, you can DISAVOW!


Moving Forward……
google-penguin-algorithm-march-2016Things To Avoid, Save This List Some Where


#1 Don’t Build Too Many Links Too Fast


–> This is a typical tactic of newbies and inexperienced SEOs, Webmasters, Business Owners. Ignorance is dangerous as you can see from the above case study it works for a min and then the crash is hard.


It’s possible to recover through a back link disavow service however, feel free to try it on your own. If don’t have a heavy tech background the instructions will be intimidating and you’ll get frustrated. Feel free to call our hotline for a tutorial or join one of our FREE Webinars and ask Chad, our lead SEO Engineeer, he’ll cover with you what’s hot and what’s not!


#2 Stay Away From Links That Are Foreign To Your Content Base


–> This is very dangerous and where most sites get into trouble. Often people will get lazy and desperate for some sort of impact to move their website in Google’s index. What you need to do is focus on the links that make sense and just let your website age this is one area that people FAIL. Getting impatient in the Internet World Today (2011 – 2016) will really hurt you and that’s what the Google Penguin Algorithm is all about.


Slow it down, trust the process, and focus on how to improve the layout of your website, the content, and usefulness of that content. Google will respond accordingly. How fast you are able to get indexed is a whole different story. There are some methods you can use to help Google see your content and crawl your website faster, see ours seo solutions section for the array of services we can setup for you and ensure that you don’t get too spammy and too desperate.

Link Spam Found From Google Capital Backed Site

Some how in this age (2015) and for the past decade and half, sites are still getting busted for link spam. Even after the Google Penguin algorithm, which slaughtered websites that used a paid strategy as a weapon in the search engine index, web-masters, marketing companies, and small business owners still engage this form of black-hat-seo. Sure it works, you’ll find a fast rush and surge of traffic, feeling on top of the world and then the unnatural link warning hits your Google Webmaster Tools account. You should panic, espcially if you’ve spent large amounts of money on back-links or software to help you build links.


Thumbtack Recruiting Job Site Nailed By Google For Link Spam




This is ironic considering that Google backed the website in capital in order to get their goods/services to the market place. That’s RIGHT! They engaged into serious link spam. This whole thing got started, when a certain someone released this article post that showed ThumbTac encouraging users to build back links for a reward or exchange for points within their website. Let’s take a look below at what there links spam is.