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Fast Marketing Company Develops 24/7

It’s Friday night and after a quick break were back at it! Our team challenges ourselves to crank out new designs. We call it a Friday Night design challenge. No choke holds, no bs, just ART! This event only occurs once a month, but as we keep doing, we have more and more people come out (including our employees) and it’s a blast. Tonight we’re at the helm!




Why Design Is Import For SEO?

In the beginning (1995 to 2006) website design, CSS, and Adobe were just not available.  The lack of resources and innovation made the web a strange place. It wasn’t very popular and the sites that did focus on user experience and design were AOL, Prodigy and many others.  They offered chat rooms, user sign ins, dynamic news creation, and much more. Today Google is the enforcer on making sure the Internet and users are able to catered to. The three most important factors about SEO is the site usability, the time spent on the page, and the manner in which sites come into the site and leave the site (link building). These metrics are able to speak volumes about how userful your website is. Each year since 1998, open source technology, community, and contributions paved the way for more resources to enable better design for web pages. As a result, you were really limited with just HTML, and it was really limited. In fact, take a look at at Walmart back in the day.




Image courtesy of Archive.Org


As you can see it was very, very basic. This is what HTML would give you. However, Walmart, continued to evolve the site with the rise of CSS to develop unique positioning on the page, JavaScript to help with dynamic functions like buttons, hovering, server-side processing and much more. The take away from this Walmart example is that they tried to build for the user.



Walmart 2002


They changed the way the website looked over each three to five year period. As a result, they were able to improve website usability. Being that they have/had a lot of product, booming business, it made it easier to focus on this effort to stay visible in the digital world. Having those resources really does help in focusing on the users.


Classic Start-up Design Pitfall For SEO


Websites that just start-up or businesses make the classic mistake of just designing without thinking about users. In the world of SEO it becomes about placement of keywords, non-readable content, if not any content at all. Sometimes they don’t write for call-to-actions or direct a user. This thrill to rank or get the site going blinds the developer or single webmaster. As the days, months, and years go by, they get frustrated and it turns into a giant snowball effect. However, sites that don’t focus on users slowly fall out of the search index and becomes less and less important.


User Experience Helps Search Engine Rankings


Site design should be about users. With that said you can’t expect to get every page correct! There will be changes and new trends. That’s the problem with expansion on many different websites; however, that doesn’t mean you should become uninterested in users. Fast Marketing Company, believes effort is where success will make or break you; relentless work to achieve our goals. That’s why we have these graphic designathons! We’re able to create ART! We can take the collective effort and produce new styles and then test the designs and improve at our designathons each month.


Fast Marketing Company Researches Users First


We believe that by producing art, we can work better for the user. Naturally when a new site is started, there’s a research phase. In this phase we figure out the pain-points of consumers and start to develop colors, feelings, and that leads to our graphic design. Sometimes we don’t do research and just sorta roll with imagination.


Designing From Imagination For Branding

By always thinking for branding and customer phasing you can always guarantee that you can be as creative as you want! That creativity is what will create your company culture, your identity and really thinking for your users. The way you build navigation, placement of bread crumbs, floating elements, three background layers for aesthetics, custom fonts and typography. Most of the time you’ll find that your following will grow as you look more and more like your target customer. That’s why we host this design summits; we want to learn, grow, collect art, and produce the case studies needed to help us stay current with consumer profiles from all around!