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Building An Audience Past Google

If you really want to be your own boss, have your own business, and or grow your business harder, you’ll have to give up on Google being more than 50% or 80% of your success. You can appreciate a statement like this if you’ve been around trying to rank your site or expand your traffic. You’ve trusted advice from experts, industry websites, blogs, and etc, but never see the return to keep you motivated to create more content! We recommend that you go after your audience to where they like to hangout.


Go Where Your Audience Hangs Out and Invest Money There


Google has tried several times to innovate ideas that were so off-base for what made Google, well Google! The ¬†Google glasses, Google Insights, Google Chrome, are all examples of the company trying to get away from the nature of algorithms. They are giving up in our opinion. The actions over the last 10 years or so proves it. So we are urging you to start creating consumer persons. This conversation you’ll have (interview really) will help you define your customer, give you the information about what motivates them and start producing content from it.


What To Do, How To Build Your Audience



Picture by SEO MOZ


This picture above illustrates how to go about finding or building loyalty. The image really speaks volumes about the amount of planning you’ll need to do in order for the Net to be a viable marketing strategy. Click the link above to get the entire video and transcript of SEO Moz’s, Whiteboard Friday!