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Brief History On Fast Marketing Company

fast-marketing-companyIt was the Fall of 2002 during a cold night; our founder Chad Buie, was walking home from a long shift from ADT’s National Marketing Center that Fast Marketing Company ideology started. Chad, was about a block a way from his apartment and stumbled upon a book hidden in the bushes. He dusted it off and the text was difficult to read in the dark.¬†After arriving home and ready to unwind, Chad, glanced at the book, cleaned it off, and placed next to his bedroom dresser. About a week or so later Chad was thinking about the future of connecting to information. He thought about how much he struggled connecting to quality information at the time, all while trying to make the best choices on jobs, education, and day-to-day living.


Many days walking home from work, Chad realized that world needed a better way to connect to information. He started foiling ideas about a possible website or organization that could be developed to help people connect.At the time Google was the only strong force with a search engine and really started to a play a huge role in their marketing presence in the years of 2002 to 2004. Chad thought about what the website would be and often wrestled with gaining the confidence to build what was in his head.


Some weeks later, after a tough Friday shift selling Resale Alarm Contracts Chad, went home to just unwind. While laying in his bed, he saw that book he picked up a few weeks ago. There wasn’t much entertainment in the apartment, in fact, there wasn’t but just a small kitchen tv in the empty living room. So Chad decided to invest his time into reading or glancing into the book he found.


The front of the book was labeled, “Information @ The Speed of Thought” by Bill Gates. Chad’s face instantly warmed up and at the same time startled. A book in the bushes near the corner of Compass Bank? Why would anyone throw this out? After reading the first few chapters, Chad realized that Bill Gates was talking about a force, a piece of software, a company’s ability to dominate the web and that it was the future for real opportunity. From that moment on, the vision that has been in our owner’s head to create solutions, information systems, and websites to provide people with quality information quickly has been a 10+ year journey to make this vision a reality.


Our mission is to provide the world with information systems, scalable marketing solutions, and powerful case studies to make the powerful lift-off needed to turn dreams into reality! We want to make that happen for all demographics, people from different walks of life, and all businesses. We want YOU to succeed in all dimensions of your life.

Fast Marketing Company EST 2002


This is where the dream started. Working here, Chad, learned many of the skills that has led him to build Fast Marketing Company and the wide array of services, software, and marketing solutions we embody.


We embrace the art and nostalgic atmosphere; never forgetting the passion and determination to create!


Never let your dreams drop by the side. They exist for a reason! All of us have similar talents, skills, and ability. Fast Marketing Company will show you how to crack the code to your dreams and launch you into the Digital Age!

Resources In Unlikely Places


This is the memorable building and now bustling area of Deerwood Parkway. The one book that gave our owner the confidence to dream, envision, and create Fast Marketing Company and the many different brands we develop.


Chad, lived and continues to live in this area to this very day. Our company head quarters are located in Deerwood and this is where we call home.


Visit with us and explore the many different services and solutions we can offer you and help you expand your brand presences online and offline.

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