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Does Google Spy On New Sites That Hit First Page Results?

Probably not a new topic and certainly not a recently written topic; however, we caught an interesting pattern with Google’s ranking algorithm. Google, Google, Google. It’s no secret, it’s no surprise, and it’s what you can expect from a company that controls the market; they control more than the market too. In the world where we have a “free market” like The Stock Market, there has to be a police to keep things honest. Without a system to control the ethics or quality of the free market, like checks-and-balances, things could get out of control. In this article we’re focusing on that very concept with Google. In the world of Google, there’s no external police to monitor or punish Google or even just blow the whistle when they start on a slippery slope with ethics. What’s worse is that Google is the police, that measures the “value” of everything?!?


There Needs to be Fair Play, Look to the Stock Market


We all know just how much corruption there’s been in the stock market and in particular Wall Street. The stock market itself is regulated by the FTC and a few private investigative organizations to make sure there’s fair play. There has been countless corruption schemes, embezzlement, insider trading and etc. Without organization like the FTC, the Stock Market would be a mess. Society would also be affected. You can clearly see how this becomes a slippery slope. Imagine Wall Street Investors doing whatever they wanted with no consequence? Well they did and it caused the 2008 Housing Market Collapse!


Google is the Stock Market and Stock Market Police, How to Get Fair Play?


So what’s the connection with Google? They create market bubbles and pop them at the same time. Meaning Google creates rules that dictate the quality of search indexes, which enable users to connect to information. They allow webmasters and organizations alike to partake in activities to rank and when Google has had enough they’ll “pop” the trend. This pattern or relationship causes websites to loose value instantly.


So Here’s the Problem With Google Having No Police or Regulatory Commission


It’s like where do you draw the line? Google knows that webmasters and businesses spend money to help extend their marketing reach and you can prove that Google ends up getting most of that money through search engine marketing (You Tube, Adwords etc) and private back websites like Thumbtack. What we have is a company that can make the rules, let bubbles build, pop them, collect money from the market, grow more powerful and oppress the little guys and small businesses.


Evolution of Internet, What’s Going to Happen With an Imbalance of Power


Because of this, many people have a negative outlook on Internet Marketing and call it a liability or luxury. Most seek other avenues for paid leads often making them very dependent on the lead source and drastically affect the future of the business itself. The Internet was suppose to be about free trade, freedom from oppression, affordable, efficient, but with the way Google regulates the market and won’t let small business really grow leaves most in a hostage situation. You can clearly see that every 5 to 10 years Google becomes more power and now its getting out of control. Let’s take a look at another more concrete example of tis imbalance of power.


Google’s Tainted Image From Instances of Power Abuse, Certainly Not News


It’s wrong to have an organization whom has the power to regulate a market that is bias or has a different motivating factor, does not level the playing field for fair trade a stable market place to do business. People have proven over and over that Google is not fair and ultimately have never been able to do anything about it. In an article we featured about, “Google Being Under Fire for The Thumbtack Spammy Back Links” is a an example of the power abuse.


First Look at Google Thumbtack Incident, First Real Red Handed Abuse of Power


google-thumb-tack-link-spam-incidentGoogle since 2013 started a section to their company where they started backing websites that had real organic growth potential. There are many projects out, but we are going to focus on the Thumbtack project. In the spring of 2015, someone reported Thumbtack for encouraging people to increase their paid membership level and then they could link back to their site. Basically it violated Google’s own “paid links” webmaster tool policy. Google eventually penalized the site, but let the site recover in a few days to a week. Most sites that get punished, never recover and or takes months, even years to recover. So many people were shook by such headlines, however, it illustrates that they could get away with such unfair use of power.



Which Brings us To our Point, Google Regulates First Page Result More Than Ever


Over the last five years (through various seo projects, very challenging ones), our team of SEOs and Engineers have noticed a trend with Google being very….. tricky.  This is very apparent when a website does make the first page of Google’s index. Let’s just say for example that you’ve engaged doing SEO to your site and you notice that even with new keyword phrases you never make the first page. Even after forced indexing you notice it falls and does the Google dance. We’ve seen certain projects that have Domain Authority over 30 and even on the 50s struggle to rank for different but still closely related terms. This is troublesome for a business that’s trying hard to compete and grow their business.


When a new site makes it to the top pretty quick (all white hat too) without a heavy or predictable link pattern, we’ve noticed that Google will “manually” visit the website. You’d have to ask is this part of a mathematical algorithm or is this a human reviewed part of their current system to determine the spam rating of a particular website, maybe a fast moving website in Google’s organic index. We believe it to be a human audited event. Below are some screenshots of this evidence one site in particular (however we have four separate projects we can prove this) we currently work with.


Figure 1.1 – Google Checking Our Auto Part Site, An Inner Page That Ranks On The First Page



Here’s an example of one of project suite websites EastCoastAutoPart.Com is a project site that we’re working on and have been for about some six months now. It has moved quickly through Google’s index on various long-tail-keywords and even some short-tail-keywords. We’ve refrained from building or focusing on building external back-links to the site. In fact, we’ve focused more on the core quality of the website, user navigation, etc. However, we have a few screenshots like these randomly from Google and different computers, devices, and mac addresses. It’s clear that a user was behind the visit to the site. You could certainly say, well wheres the rest of the visit history. That is the puzzling part to this. Why did Google visit just one page from different devices?


The Truth Is Hard To Prove, You Can Prove the Truth Through Errors Only


In the next screenshot you can see that the site ranks on the first page, but we have to tell you it has danced like you won’t believe. Due to some 301 redirects, a business dispute with a form team, forced us to have to move the site to an entirely different server. We even lost control of the original webmaster tools account, but some 40 days before the trouble we did manage to do some 301 redirects and have them crawled.


Figure 1.2 – Page One Result For “Used Chevy Engines”


Nevertheless the site eventually climbed back and trust us, we did nothing. Not one back-link! But not before Google tracked, toyed, and even continually spied on the site.


Through the 301s, a new ip address, lost back links from a sabotage from the former group partnered with site (which turned out to work for us, even less back links), we were able to recover the site and prove through error that the truth is Google is manually watching the first page of indexes across many different industries, keywords, and niches.


We understand how crazy this sounds, but there’s not really another explanation for it. However, through the Google Page Rank formula, you can see that have to honor the system. A really big website, with good architecture and low level back links spam are destined for the first page, but under there rules and their control.


This brings us back to the point of having power and having control to dictate the value of a market. This is still a very unsettling feeling. We all want to have a feeling of accomplishment behind what we do. However, how can you feel complete, how can you get a sense of accomplishment when the rules are questionable, the market not stable, with prying eyes over what you do? Where’s the true free trade and value of instant connectivity which is what the Internet is all about?


We’ve written time and time again about the patience that’s needed in order to really see the gems of the Internet; the organic rankings that can flood your website with traffic and hopefully quality lead gen opportunities. So what’s they take away? What are we trying to say.


What To Take Away, What’s The Paradigm Focus


Basically, you want to really watch what your doing. Especially if you are really brand new. There are so many pitfalls you could get entrapped in and for that we still don’t see the real growth of the Internet and business on the World Wide Web. Those that are lucky enough to afford a website, the marketing, and keeping the momentum are in markets very friendly towards the custom lead generation,will survive almost anything, but for the rest of us………you have to watch it! However, if you’re new, you’ll want to make sure you don’t engage into too much blackhat or even potential shady things like link wheels, fast back links, and any other link schemes.


We Only Do White Hat SEO, It’s Slow and Painful, But Google is Watching Even Us


We only engage in very, very white hat seo. In fact, the bulk of our success, client’s success, and our lead generation sites is due to REAL VAULE. We’ve aged our websites so much and were talking at least a six months to two years. We have case studies we’ve put together from failed sites or low ranking sites where it’s was hard to tell if you’re website and search engine optimization is Google Algorithm Proof and really in the clear. The case study showed years later Google having hammered sites that have proven to use spam tactics to rank high in the index and not really offering a ton of value to the Internet community.


So their “spying” is real and they are watching any site that makes it’s way to the first page. We don’t necessarily agree with this form of spying coming direct from the BEST itself, however, there’s nothing anyone can really do about it. All we can do is keep our studies, our proof, and cases studies and hopefully through the sharing of this blog, future press releases from our evidence, we can start a movement or get others involved. Until then, invest only into deep content expansion and read more about, “Why Building Domain Authority Is Key“, this direction will keep you out of trouble with Google even if they are spying on you.

Why Most People Flame Out On SEO: The Google Dance Case Study

In the last four months, we took on our first official client. It was time to put together his best work and build case studies to prove or at least illustrate the behaviors that you’ll experience when start to develop organic search rank in the web. The biggest thing that has showed up in doing Internet Marketing projects is the time it takes to rank and worst of all to be sure that what you see in Google’s organic index is the real rank!?!


It’s Not a Dance Really, More Like a Tango, Well Not Really


google-danceYes this is single-handily the most frustrating thing that Chad, our lead SEO Engineer, has experienced time and time again. In fact, while working in an in house seo role for a niche businesses like Energy Armor, the whiplashing he took from owners whom put all of maybe a few months into organic marketing, but never had the time really to grow it, was brutal! This is what most people flame out on and really develop a bad attitude, become bitter to, quit, and bad mouth seo to prevent other people from experiencing Internet Marketing. Here’s the truth folks, they never gave it any time. One thing you’ll find in life is just how much people love to put themselves in unreasonable positions; especially, against an onslaught like limited time and getting totally jaded, angry, filled with hate, all because they did not give their website(s) digital marketing enough time.



Fast Marketing Company Understands, But Google Dominates, So Rules are Rules


But, trust us we get it; everyone has a different view, goal, and or opinion on why our argument about giving your website, content, and trustworthiness more time (at this point evidence) doesn’t matter towards their business objectives and other excuses from not wanting to abide by real rules!? Really??!! It’s clear that today’s Google has so much power; so why is time argument so hard to digest for business owners? Just take a look at the evolution of the cellphone! Through computerized cellphones your within reach of a digital advertising platform.


Those Small Businesses That Wont Accept Being Wrong or Patient


It’s hard to accept being wrong, but where do you draw the line with people whom say, “We never really wanted SEO or to do digital marketing!”.  Well most of those people whom started these so called startups and business never had the right growth pattern and are now out-of-business. Eventually we might actually see more proof on why Internet Marketing is non-negotiable and the elements that live in that relm. So essentially, we’re here to tell you there’s some things that you have to accept and you can’t run an hide from it.


Most SEO Companies, Agencies, and Boutiques


The thing is how many SEOs, SEO Agencies, SEO Boutiques have actual data/portfolios to back-up their claims; or show their experience? This is a Global problem, not just in the U.S.A.! The truth is there are those SEO Companies and SEO Consultants that probably just keep their work a secret! So they know what you don’t and just keep it to themselves. So if you’re still thinking to debunk The Google Dance and not abide by Internet Rules of Nature don’t; because we have data to back up these claims.


Hard To Find Evidence On The Web, Lack There Of Here’s Why


However you try and search the web, you won’t find any solid/complete case studies or actual proof to back-up lack of transparency from Google! Most likely you’ve probably just read a blog, a thread, or some post that talked about this force of Google, but did not really give meaning in what to do or how to build moving forward. That’s because for some reason, people like to pile on-top-each-other; some sort human nature.


MOZ Has a Few Good People That Built a Case Study


To be more exact we’re talking about being politically correct, selfish branding, and no real material. However, there are a few examples overtime that you can find with SEO MOZ or known MOZ ; however I did at one point in time use a topic tread from SEO MOZ about the Post-Penguin Anchor Text Case Study! So you can find some information, but it’s still rare you’ll find a live project or someone whom put their own money up to prove points made on SEO really. So without further……………….let’s get into it:


Finally The Proof: The Google Dance, Tango It’s Real

So the series of photos below will illustrate a live client of ours that we have built just a down and dirty, white-hat-seo, conversational content, raising awareness website. The main point we want to get across or illustrate is that your rank will take time. Yes! There are things you can do to speed it up, but it comes with so much risk, controversy and did we mention the word RISK? The main rule that most people don’t want to play with is TIME! No one has time to do anything! However, we hope that this small example can prove this point and help direct you to more research, content development, content distribution and alter your business objectives to match what really matters; MARKETING, REACH!


Figure 1.0  First Shot Google Page 3 December 2015  “Back Taxes West Palm Beach FL” (Click The Pic For a Full View)


the-google-danceOkay, so the site in focus is J.DavidTaxRelief.Com, the keyword group we worked on was “back taxes” and a particular location in west palm beach. Now we’re not going to give away the details of what we did, but there’s no real secrets with our readers whom are savvy SEOs. Your tools will tell all, will tell you that we DID NOTHING! We’ll save that topic for a future blog post, “We Did Nothing and We Rank!”.


So the website been on the web for about two months and we aggressively started writing unique content within the domain. We’re talking about at least 80 pages or more. However, upon initial indexing particular pages of content, you’ll notice that image shows the site sitting on page three and in the middle.


A few things can be said about this (if your an account manager, probably an ear full), the seo did not work, this is never going to be number one or on page one, and a lot more negative things and you’d be right. Particularly if you’re new to the battlefield! What you don’t know is that Google sand-boxes everything. Meaning your guilty until proven innocent. That’s a fact and most people think their site won’t be labeled. This is very typical behavior for Google and deceptive.
What Google is looking to do is to try and trap you! That’s right, they do this to see if you’ll start spamming, link spamming and that’s is the unspoken reality; the non-political correct explanation. However, how can you explain the site sitting so far back. Okay so there are other arguments right? Not enough back-links, on page seo, keywords on the page, domain authority……. and you’d be right those things do matter; but they are not instant. In this case study, we used small amount of back-links;  just simple promotion really. But the site after even some 45 days did not move. Proceed to the next screen shot!


Figure 2.0  Second Shot Google Page Two January 2016  “Back Taxes West Palm Beach FL” (Click The Pic For a Full View)


back-taxes-west-palm-beach-google-page-two-jan-2016Okay, so now you’ll see that the site moved after about 30 days to page two of Google’s index. The biggest concern here is “which index”? That’s the biggest argument and also unknown to web-marketers, companies, corporations, and organizations alike. It’s in our evidence that there’s a 30 to 60 day sand-boxing-period on any content and or back-link associated to your website. There’s nothing you can do about it either! You have to sit tight!


Back To Pitfalls, Here’s Where the Flaws Exist With SEOs, Sales People, and Expectations


You might think that now that we’ve given you this bit of information (especially noobs), is going to solve your problems, but it depends on a few things. One, if you’re in sales, did you over promise on lead or traffic numbers? Two, did you tell the customer to expect the full 90+ wait because of the sand-boxing. If not you’re going to be stressed with them calling you because of the poor performance or visibly upset account managers. Third, you did not execute on your overall content mission and not just one page.


Like we said above, you’ll still need to deliver some domain authority and standard online promotions to see the full affect of a page one or number ranking. In that light, we’re still leaning more towards a 100 page plus website with good seo architecture and ZERO SPAM on your link and promotions online.  Even still………we w’ere puzzled and we were lucky enough to have a good market in which we produced conversions in other keyword sets and maps to keep this client moving forward. So this is a proto-typical case study that we evaluate the Google Dance period or Google Sand Boxing.


Figure 2.0  Second Shot Google Page One April 2016  “Back Taxes West Palm Beach FL” (Click The Pic For a Full View)


So months have gone by since Dec 2015, in fact almost 4 months (April 13, 2016) have gone by. We don’t have time to manually check some 1000s of keywords for performance, however, it took about 65 days for this result to happen. There’s a philosophy we have when it comes to Internet Marketing, “Build It, Link It, Forget It”.


We Understand That Waiting and Patience Is a Hard Concept, But It’s Vital For SEO


This is a tough concept for most new-to-the-Internet folks. There’s such a high rate of failure, but thats’ due to people quiting because of false expectations, frustration, mislead sales inits, and other chaotic behavior stemming from trying to simple expand one’s business.


Leaving It Alone, Pass The Google Sandbox


From this philosophy, you have to get to a point where you just leave your website alone. But getting to that point takes some serious effort. You’ll need to get past your keyword analysis, selection, content production, and then indexing, but after doing that you’ll just have to put in place your tracking and move on to the next site or keyword or content piece. It was to our surprise that though a conversion we were able to determine that it was possible for a young site (less than six months old) to pull rank. But an interesting thing will happen from many of the case studies and projects that Fast Marketing Company have worked on. After leaving a site be and focusing on raising awareness through social media, continued press release, and business development; the sites we optimize soar!


Finding The Gems of The Internet Through Organic Graphic


By leaving the site alone, magic, the glue, the good stuff of the Internet fades into view. This is what people want from the Internet from day one and we’re working hard to give that to people. What normally happens with our style or method to building a website out of the depths of oblivion, we see that multiple pages are indexed, the sites grow to the very top of Google’s index.


What To Expect From Fast Marketing Company, Future Case Studies


You can see other seo case studies like this within our site. We’re currently working hard to organize good screen shots, stats, and content to help bring confidence to WHITE HAT SEO and  Natural Content Development. Our mission is to simply get people to understand more the economics behind why to do things and the data to reflect the truth about online marketing and it’s rules. If you found this small case study to intrigue you into asking questions, comment below, ask questions, be hateful, or just chat with us to the left.

The Hardest Part of SEO, Building Domain Authority, Why You Need It

I’ve spoken to a lot of people over the past ten years (I can’t believe it’s been that long) about various Internet Marketing projects and there’s one concept that just blows people’s top off; domain authority! Yeap, domain authority is what it’s all about. For those skeptics and defeatist out there that are like, “You don’t need to do that to have success with seo!”, think again! If you measure the value of what you’re doing and the money you put into any project that has more a human resource behind it, you’ll find that going in the direction of building domain authority is a far better investment and use of your time. For readers here that know this and have an understanding of this, get more intimate with this; get closer to understand how to build the DA for your clients or projects. In this post, I’ll show you just how much of an impact this has over the span of a project and some philosophy you can hang on to while going through this process.


Why Building Domain Authority is Difficult?


To be an authority on anything instantly makes you a valued resource. As you know resources in life are very hard to come by; however, we as humans have to ability to manufacture that value through education and being able to solve other people’s problems. You’ll see this everywhere now that I’ve mentioned it.


There are several businesses out there that use the term authority in their brand name. For example, “Sports Authority”, if you go into their store, you’ll quickly notice they have just about everything. Back when the brand was a rising star (80s to 90s), there was no one else that time that you could find quality niche sporting goods. Trust me, there was not a store out there like it. Some 20 years later other major retailers that surfaced to offer such goods, like Dick’s Sporting Goods store, well they’ve been around for a while, but it took time to become the monster they are today; but building authority though……….


However, my point is although it’s not easy to be an authority in the physical world, in the digital world you can certainly emulate this strategy a lot faster than through trade shows and business development alone. You can write much faster than you can build inventory and merchandising to sell it. There are two projects, that our founder, built from nothing and there’s nothing like sales to cure cash flow problems and SEO can be that pipeline for that cash!


Let’s Get Back To Building SEO Authority



Webmasters, small businesses, investors, whatever, if you’re starting a website and dreaming about how far you can take it, go hard with your content. Here’s the biggest tip that you’ll want to embrace the entire time; build as many inner pages of content you can. Second tip, you’ll want to organize that content in an A-Z perspective. I know these are really simple tips; but they are powerful ones. In today’s Google (2016), Google needs a lot of help to feed consumers using the Internet today! In order to stay the Internet’s go-to-best-tool, Google needs an index that’s worth searching through. Searching an index with stale, not very resourceful information is not a tool people will use for long. So hopefully you can start to see my argument fade into view here!


If you just stop and think about this for a minute, know that Google has gone through a lot of trouble to stay on top. From buying the ad networks, You Tube; they are constantly finding a way to stay an Authority! Investing into the organization of your content, building the deep content, and great navigation will get your website rewarded. Rewarded with number one Google rankings that is. With mobile being a thrusting force that holds the Internet together today, you can’t have mobile domination without showing that your website is sort of an authority! So it’s time to start cracking down on your internal or website’s content and navigation strategy.


Here’s Where People Go Wrong, Pitfall Time



I was once told that all of a person’s problems stem from their inability to sit in a room alone; or better yet patience! This drives people nuts, especially in marketing and really the Internet. This is a big-time pitfall and people of all sorts will fall-into spamming links to make their site move or get recognized. However, there’s social media right? Social media breaks down into a few different areas that are used a certain way.


I, We, Can Be YouTube and Instagram Stars Right? Think Again……


We’ve seen the YouTube stars, Instagram stars, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (wow right), Tumblr, Pintrest, and few others; but how does spamming these places make your SEO Authority a reality?? They won’t, these places are great ways for putting out truely dynamic content and getting it noticed. Generating dynamic content through words is very difficult. Creating pictures and videos are a little easier because people can consume them quick. In fact, most of the pics and videos are connected to some sub-culture that people can’t get enough of. So going down the Social Media route will leave you jaded. Also remember that you can’t predict what’s going to be popular; it’s either hot or not!


Your Baby Is Ugly, No But Not Everything Will Be Viral, So How Can You Motivate To Continue Building Domain Authority?


This is an important segment to understand, because most businesses that launch, launch thinking that this phenomenon will happen with their product and or service. This is also a big time pitfall. There are some businesses and content that’s friendly for the Internet and some that are not! That’s why you can’t expect to just hop onto You Tube start uploading videos and be an overnight sensation. Most countries that have a form of capitalism exist because of trade; trade is beneficial to all. However, it’s not easy to build trade relationships.


So What Are The Rest Of Us Supposed To Do? Understand Where The Internet Is, What It Is, How Marketing Works Today


So for the rest of us that are chasing the Internet Market, that don’t go viral, you have to dig into your written, picture, and video content. Today’s marketing is influenced on how to do something. Isn’t that what the Internet is? A place of learning, a place to get quick information, free information, and cheap prices on cool stuff?!!? So how can you miss the ball and not join the race or gold rush on content development? If you produce it, they will come (sounds like movie field of dreams right?). If you inform people and organization content in a way that makes user experience enjoyable way to consume your content, then you’re going to send the signals to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Badui and other mediums that your site is becoming an authority! Start to see the point? Let’s switch gears…….


Looking For a KPI From Investing Into Domain Authority? Get High Google Rank, Mobile Conversions are Good KPIs

I don’t care what anyone say’s, but there’s serious traffic out there and being able to rank in the top spots (esp mobile) is going to have a conversion or ROI value that you can’t ignore! Ask any of the sub-niche website’s online that are generating sells or membership programs that stick. Ask them how they started, in fact you can look them up with certain search operators using any major search engine. They’ll all say the same thing; there’s websites are deep, organized, and have useful content. You’ll also notice through the mobile searches, places of authority are dominating the Google, Bing, and Yahoo maps! Again people will argue that creating all this additional content won’t have an impact for a user and that couldn’t be further from the TRUTH. For these reasons you’ll want to have categorized and deep content:


Reasons Why You Won’t Get Mobile


 There’s no internal content linking to you home page!


This is really important, see our case studies section or join our weekly webinars for more! Having content is vital, because your site needs it’s “own” links/votes to build the domain authority! This such a big time tip. I mentioned this early in the article, but single handled, this the most valuable concept to understand and understand why? Again without a case study or attending a webinar to see it in action this might not mean much to you, however, if you’re smart and creative…………yeah!


 Building back links, if your new, you need them


Quality back-links are everything. There’s no footprint or help here. You need to map the relationships to other networks, forms of content, and people to know how to generate this. Just don’t get caught paying for them. A few wont’ hurt, but that’s where it should stop. If you do decide to go paid, try the old press release and make it an expensive one!!


 Reviews…….yeah Google Reviews, Angies List Reviews, Yelp Reviews


The reviews I’d pay more attention are the Google Reviews. There’s nothing like having them! In fact, we have client’s whom sole KPI is measured off the mobile visits because who has time to surf a website when your trying to make a decision, a decision that will be made based on whether you have good reviews! The only exception is if you received a visit through a long-tail-keyword which is an entirely different topic, click the link to learn more about it if you don’t know. However, most people are on the phone and the maps will load first. You’ll need the reviews. If you’re smart, then you’ll get rich snippets going an feed into Google’s SERP’s more reviews and if you’re super smart you’ll figure out how to make your Yelp and Angie’s List reviews load with your brand.


 Social Media Page, You’ll Need One

If you don’t have a Facebook page, then you won’t convert that well. People want to see you, they want to know if your a fraud or if your hot or not. Get that page on and post. This tied to both becoming an authority and mobile conversions.



Where To Go From Here? What Your Next Move Should Be


We’ve covered an array of concepts, but the take away you should have firmly planted in your mine is how is you content factory coming along? If the answer to this is, “What content factory?”, then you need to get it cranked up. There’s no Google rankings if there’s no content and there’s certainly no Google rankings if you start spamming, see this case study to let me get this across!


Get Visual, Figure Out Where You Fit To Objects, Things, People In the Real World


The very next step you should take after digesting this paradigm view, is start with a diagram. Get a large white-board, pen and paper and start building relationships around the your business, your product, your service. Doing this will start to generate creative ideas, yes, but most importantly you’ll start finding the gaps in content and what content to produce.


You’ll Need Patience While You Get Index, There’s Nothing To It, Just The Execution Strategy



The idea is to figure out the bridge to each entity. After establishing what can connect you, then start to understand there’s informational content that you can produce. Producing this content is the first step towards getting your web site’s authority up. The thing about building content, is that you need patience. However, getting your content indexed is something you’ll need to do or it could take sometime for this to start building the momentum you’re looking forward to move forward. If you need help with getting indexed, check out our seo services, we’ll get your content indexed and show you how to do this moving forward.